Thursday, July 07, 2005

My sexy Daughter-in-law

I am Ramprasad 45 young enough to be a sasur and old enough as mi wife and son got killed in a road accident leaving Alka and me alone in the house to spend rest of our life.

Alka to whom my son married in mumbai where he was working in a private firm as a office assistant and Alka was living in nearby house.I tried to send back Alka with her parents but they stick that they are having a large family and now Alak will be a burden on them and moreover Alka is bearing a child of your son hence it is your responsibility to now take care off her.
I admitted mi responsibilities and took care of Alak in every possible way.Though to think of mi wife I masterbated several times but i did not tried mi hands on Alka.

The time came and she was admited to hospital and she delivered a baby boy there and i was proud to be a grandfather now. Alka"s mother came for the period and remained with us for couple of months and went back.Though she too was a sexy image but i dont wanted to tarnish mi image before Alka's mother I kept mi sexual desire within the limits.

The boy was around six month old and I was with some friends house and took wine there and come back late in the night. I opened the door with duplicate keys and passed thru the room of mi daughterin law Alka.

To mi surprise she was sleeping with all buttons of her blouse wide open and boobs visible. I thought probably she was feeding her son and sleptbut mi sex was arousen and the dick was getting hardening.

Next day in the morning as i opened mi eyes i saw mi bahu was offering me a cup of tea and was smiling and asked me when did i came back she was waiting for me.

I told her that it was too late and u was sleeping with all u r buttons of blouse open and u r breast clearly visible. she shook her head in shyness and asked me that she might have slept while feeding her son I said ok but keep careof u r assets dear alka.
Next day son suffered tonsils and was not feeding well she complained about heaviness in her boobs.I took her to doctor and doctor advised that she shud milkoff herself by her hand and this will continue till u r son get well there is no problem for that.
Alka was feeling uneasy while she herself was pressing her boobs since therewas no other person to do so she called me and asked to do.I started presssing her boobs and milk was flowing out and getting wasted I asked alka can i drink this milk if she dont mind. She nodded her head in affirmative. So i started sucking her milk till her both the boobs were empty.

This practice was to be continued for couple of days during daytime and night also i was unable to keep mi self in control and while sucking her milk slided mi hand in her peticoat. which she objected for the time being but later on started enjoying it.Now Let me tell about Alka meri bahu she was 21 5 ft 6 inches high and boob size 34 and hip size 36.

The ultimate night came as i was to suck her boobs i started playing with her boobs and started kissing her here and there as she too was hungry for sex she started enjoyeing and fully cooperated me. She too took out mi dick and started playing with it licking and sucking mi dick and giving me blowjob.

For about fifteen minutes she sucked me and i sucked her boobs i cum in her mouth which she drank it and pissed in mi mouth too which i drank. we were now not sasur and bahu but husband and wife and enjoying sex beyond any expectation.
I put on mi dick on the opening of her pussy and made strokes in out and in out and she was moaning in very low tone. ahhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

the full fucking was going on and she was fully cooperating me by lifting her bits in rythem and we both were enjoying sex. THIS practice continued for couple of days on regular basis as TDS . but lateron discontinued as son got well it is only night now we fuck to her satisfaction.GHAR KI IZZAT GHAR MAIN HI HAIN AUR ENJOYMENT POORA HAIN.


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